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Trip to Michigan-istan (2018)

August 18, 2019, 04:32:31 PM


The following event happened from October 29th to November 12, 2018.

My American side of the family mostly resides in Michigan. My wife has never been up North, and since we got married not too long ago, I figured it would be a great opportunity to take an early Thanksgiving and have a road trip to Michigan, introduce everyone to her and have some fun on our time off.

The route we took was roughly about 863 Miles and the estimated drive time is a little over 14 hours. We obviously didn’t make it in 14 hours… We stopped a couple of times, even took a nap.

As we went further and further up north, the temperature got colder and colder. Crazy how that works right? When we made it to West Virginia, the Crosstrek actually got the chance to experience its first frost! We stopped at a hotel for the night to catch up on some Z’s. By the time morning rolled around and we were packed up to leave for the next half of the trip, the car was frozen over. The sun was able to thaw out the ice a bit before we hit the road though.

West Virginia is really scenic... But... We didn’t really capture any photos since we were just amazed… And my wife was sleeping mostly through it as I drove.

The Crosstrek really handles the curves, inclines, declines, and various road conditions pretty well. We took the car on this trip when it was sitting roughly at about 500 Miles on the Odometer and it just kept running strong! If I remember correctly, the car was running for about 3 to 6 hours every ignition. Temperatures, tires, everything. Vehicle Reliability: 100%

I was also able to learn a lot about the way the car's adaptive cruise control and lane assist technology works! No regrets for buying this car!

And we made it to Michigan!

We were able to meet a lot of family members and just hang out and have a good time in the end. While everyone was busy at work, Steff and I managed to go around and check out the local areas and we actually came across a Parrot store! We probably spent way more time than we should have there, but overall it was pretty cool that they even have that there.

We also got the chance to visit my father’s grave, check out the cider mills, see some cool stuff, and even held a rave party after trick-or-treating on Halloween with the kids!

The trip was amazing and I can’t wait to have many more like it!

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