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Bullock Fixer Upper #1

September 21, 2019, 09:28:31 PM

Photo taken during the time we were painting the shutters and getting everything organized.
As Hurricane Dorian passed through North Carolina, the storm did some minimal damage to our house. 1 shutter flew off and our fence started sagging on one side a little. No biggie.

So the wife and I decided to take this as an opportunity to perform a "Fixxer Upper" on our house. This is the beginning of "First Phase."

First Phase Consists of:

  • Replace carpet with wood flooring
  • Repair loose shutter
  • Repaint shutters and front door to matte black

This is what our house looked like prior to us purchasing it. (Photo from Zillow)

Before the hurricane was even formed, we already had the flooring in one of the spare bedrooms already stripped out and ready for new installations, but this was put on pause because we just could not decide on what to do with the floor and decide on the best way to install the new one.

As we are now, we might be selling our house in the later years and find something more spacious for our family that we will have more comfort to grow and add more stuff in like an office space. So we are on track to help brighten up the property with these renovations and bring a new life to the place.

Right now our main motive are the shutters.
One window in the front missing a shutter is really awkward... Especially with it being the only window that sticks out forward from the rest of the house.
But shutters isn't really where we started... We started off with the front door.

The front door was our guinea pig in a way. We bought this Matte Black exterior paint from Lowe's and decided that we can start on the door to see how everything may look when we start on the shutters. So we grabbed a roll of 3M blue masking tape and went to town!
We tapped off a 1/3 of the inner sides of the door that way we had a straight line set up and it didn't bleed through the inside of the house since we wanted to keep the interior side of the door plain white.
We then taped the door knob and dead bolt assembly (Didn't 100% work out the way we wanted to, but it worked. For now.)
After everything was all taped up, we got the paint roller and we started painting!

After we got the first layer down with the roller, we went back with a small sponge brush and started filling in the corners and edges that the roller couldn't get and we were done with the first layer in no time.

After we got the second layer put down, we started removing tape and noticed that we have a small hair of a crack going around the door knob and dead bolt assemblies. We simply just shrugged it off and agreed that we can later just unscrew everything and repaint that area to make it all flush.

Now was the time to start doing the shutters!
I went ahead and power washed all the shutters and made sure that the ones that were on the house were still serviceable. By this I mean I checked for any issues with the shutter mounting hardware. Don't want another shutter to fly away especially when we are re-purposing them right?
So after everything looked good, I went ahead and climbed on the ladder and got my drill with a 1/4 inch drill bit and started stripping away at the remains of the hardware that snapped off and stayed in the wall.
I shaved a little bit of wood in doing so, but that shouldn't be too much of an issue since this shutter will be mounted on with 5 pieces of screws and they'll all support each other.

We started taping around and slightly behind all the shutters that way we didn't get any paint on the vinyl sidings and the windows. In order to do this, it was basically a 2 person job; one person pulls the shutter back, 2 places the tape within the cracks. After all the tape has been put in place, we decided to do a final scrub down before we started applying the paint.

The first layer of paint pretty much answered our biggest question: will it look good? YES!
Black is the perfect color since it tells you a statement, looks clean, and is a neutral color so I believe it would go really good on any shape or form.
While we painted, we had to go back with the same small sponge brush to get all the parts we missed or couldn't get the first time around.
It just kept looking better and better as we went layers on layers.

It got dark so we stopped and resumed in the morning with removing the tape and putting the loose shutter back onto our house. Everything was going great till the top two shutter fasteners were refusing to go through the wall... So I had to clip them, drill back into the holes, and smash 2 new ones back into the place and we were done!

Some areas do need touch ups, but we are pretty happy with our final result!

Totally forgot the fact that we painted both our bathroom walls a light blue color over the color that the previous owners had with the tan they painted on the walls. It really brightens up the bathrooms and we love it!

Just like that, phase 1 is complete!
What are you guys renovating?

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Karl B.
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September 22, 2019, 03:38:28 PM

Note: we did nothing to the vinyl sidings. Painting the shutters and the front door black seems to have transformed the overall appearance of the house to look from a grey 'green' tint into a 'light' grey.



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