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Service Updates

Hey guys!

I have decided that I wanted to get into the Freelance world and start making and managing websites for clients! If you are reading this, then yes! I available to work for you.

I am so very excited for this opportunity as it can really put everything that I have learned over the years of making websites since I was in Middle School.

The type of hosting that I’m particularly diving into involves WordPress, WooComerce, and bbPress. There are other plugins that I will be willing to install and try out for clients though, if so they ever choose. I’ve tried making websites in the past solely on code and that just got really hectic. Making everything from scratch and trying to keep it all organized and meeting a deadline really has put a dent in everything I was trying to manage and after becoming a husband and father, I only have the fraction of the time available. So why not dabble into a platform that is extremely manageable, reliable, and versatile.

The packages I’m offering are “Basic” for those that want to test the waters and grow, “Standard” for those that want more support and comprehensive extensions, and “Extended” for those big big league fellows that are running stores and what not.

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