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Hello world!

Let me tell you about the cars I’ve had… So far…

Welcome everyone!
As you can see, the site looks a little different from what it used to be.

I decided recently that I wanted to pursue a dream that I have always been wanting to do. Sure, the niche probably has a lot of people already doing it with a lot more resources, talent, skills, and money than me. But we can all dream and start somewhere right?

What’s this dream?
I have always gambled the idea of shooting and editing YouTube videos for the car scene, make blog posts of my life experiences, and maybe get a little into photo editing, or just sharing photos of the encounters I have in the car scene and everything. Currently I don’t own any equipment nor do I have a “project car” currently, but again, we all start somewhere and I will get to where I want to get to soon!

How can you help?
If you’re interested, please by all means shoot me a message or leave a comment here. I am always up to communicate. I also prefer talking on Telegram, so I may put up ways to connect with me on that platform as well.

Thank you guys so much for checking in!
I’ll do my best to pursue these dreams once my schedule lightens up and things become less hectic. For the time being though, thank you again!