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Current Project Car Updated: 10 DEC 2020

Current Project Car

2010 Nissan 370z Touring - 40th Anniversary Edition


I really wanted to get back into the car scene in 2020 and decided to grab a 2020 Subaru WRX. Yeah... That car didn't really stick to me as I thought it would.
Although it was a great car (Seriously, I really loved it), it just didn't really "hit the spot" for me. First of all, it costs way too much money to do anything with that car. I'm not sure if companies were just milking out the clout for the VA Chassis, but I wasn't happy with it. Sure, car parts are pretty expensive, but for what the FA-20 offered and could do, I just didn't think it was all that worth it to be honest.
After I got a great deal on Carvana, I parted ways with it.


Majority of the items are linked to help for those that are curious and want more information or just looking to build my set up on their own vehicle. Either way, I like to support those who made this possible.
Tires were not mentioned due to the fact that they are subject to change.


Horsepower: 331 to rear wheels.
Torque: -


Decals are made by my "ride or die," wife.
Rear Bumper and 3rd Brake Light have been cut off by RZG Motorsports to clear the single exit exhaust.